Friday, April 10, 2009

Health - Produce Negative Ions In Your Space

There're many expensive electronic appliances on the market that produce negative ions.  Most of you may already know how negative ions works so I shouldn't go into more details.  What I'll be sharing here is how to produce yours at a minimal cost.

Besides electronic appliances, products from Mother Nature give negative ions too.  Burning pure beeswax candle is one, but it's almost impossible to purchase in retail quantity in Singapore as a local distributor I found only sell in bulk (tonnes) for industrial purposes. 

The next most viable alternative would be seasalt.

You may have seen retailers selling pink-ish Himalayan salt lamps from SGD$80 and above.  Seasalt is actually a very cheap commodity that got expensive from the processing for commercial uses.  I've another alternative to share which I've experimented with success on myself.  Do refer below for the steps.

  1. A packet of rock seasalt (coarse) from any organic/health foodstore, about SGD$3 for 500gm
  2. A conventional essential oil burner (tealight candle burning)/electric one (retailing from SGD$90 in aromatherapy shops locally)
  3. (If using conventional burner) Palm-oil based tealights at SGD$10 for a box of 24, each tealight lasts about 4 hours

All you have to do is burn the seasalt in the essential oil burner from at least 1 hour to achieve the same effect as the Himalayan salt lamps from the stores.  After burning, do remember to place the salt back into the container (salt has to be stored in air-tight glass ones) and you get what you want, negative ionized air!  Not only that, as long as the salt isn't left too long in the open and got oxidised (turn wet at touch where you must throw away), one can re-use the salt for many many years.

Using natural salt to ionize the air has no need to go for very expensive fancy-grade ones, as long as it's natural seasalt and using heat to release the ions, we will not receive it's mineral content.  Heating seasalt only alter it's organic chemical bonds with the atmosphere, it's only when we consume it will the mineral content then matters.

I'd also advice one to use palm-oil based tealight for the burners as the usual paraffin ones release toxic material into the air affecting the brain functions once it's lit.  The effect can only be felt over long term unlike heavy chemical poisoning (almost instantaneous) which is why many people are skeptical over this claim.

Ionizing the air may be helpful in the following ways:

  1. Bind the air of harmful particles to become "heavy" so they drop onto the ground for easy cleaning
  2. Clean air helps clearing the nasal way, so may be helpful to people who has sinusitis
  3. For people who don't sleep well at night
  4. Better thinking process if working within the enclosed space

It was said that places near waterfalls and any place after a thunderstorm has more negative ions.

The ionizing electronic appliances are generally not advised to be placed in one's sleeping room as electronic devices produce their own magnetic field, which may interfere with your body's.  This however, do not extend to ionizing humidifiers as there're few easy, safe and natural alternatives to humidify the space.

By sharing the above, I provide just an alternative to help save your cash and maybe space as the salt lamp may be a tad big and heavy to have around.  Though the Himalayan salt lamp is by no means a nice ornament to have around if one prefers.  I do like the nice pink glow it emits by the light from it's little bulb, but I prefer to save money.

** The above entry do not serve to replace any scientific medical view on any medical condition.  It is an alternative for the reader, hence it's up to one to choose their option.