Saturday, April 11, 2009

Health - Coping With The Recent Singapore Weather

I believe many people would have felt the temperamental weather in Singapore recently, where a day of rain had us felt like the cold monsoon here and the next day, toxic sun pelting it's rays on us. 

Such weather breeds pathogen very easily and most people would not be able to take it well as the body has little time to adjust to the temperature fluctuations.

The likely symptoms some may find are:

  • Itchy/scratchy throat
  • "Heavy" head feeling
  • Aching shoulders
  • Restlessness/lethargy

These are especially pronounced if one is a habitual late sleeper (12am and beyond), where colds and flus are likely to make their rounds at your health.  I've a few suggestions on handling the current weather conditions below, do have a look.

  • Mix a pinch of tumeric powder into the food you prefer before you eat.  Tumeric is an anti-pathogen for the body while detoxing the liver.  However, one shouldn't overdo on tumeric as it's heaty, a pinch is enough to help stimulate the reactions in the body for it's full benefits.
  • Drink warm Chinese herbal tea with just enough sugar/honey to taste.  Do not use replacement sugar as the body isn't conditioned to recognise it.  Chinese herbal teas help to break down the "wind", "heatiness" in the body for easy disposal through your Nature's Calls in the toilet.
  • Burn essential oil of peppermint, any-flower-oil, and a woodbase oil in proportion of 2:2:1 drops.  Such combination of essential oils helps the liver to detox, promotes circulation of Qi (energy) in the body and regain your body's balance.
  • Some form of physical exercise (even walking) to have some sweat out.  This helps to destress your organs from overworking in your daily routine and helps to better the nightly renewal cycle in your sleep.
  • Scrub your body in your showers to help circulate the Qi (energy), unclog pores, and dislodge any dead skin cells.
  • Stop all meditations if one is ill, recuperating, or medically certified to be in a mental condition.

An additional note to essential oils below. 

It's important not to use any oil you're deeply adverse to as the body may not be able to receive the benefits even if you use the above combination.  There're substitues to my above suggested combination like marjoram, spearmint, anise, chamomile, cedarwood, eucalyptus, frankincense, myrrh, geranium, tea-tree, wintergreen etc etc etc.  One should be able to make a decision by the "signals" their body gives out.

Please research or consult a certified practitioner you trust on the use of essential oils carefully with - pregnant ladies, lactating mothers, people in serious medical condition(s) and babies.  Quantity and type of the oil(s) may have to vary for different individual or totally inappropriate at all.  Never burn essential oil for days in a row or throughout the night, this will cause the body system to be "immuned" to the benefits.  3 times in 7 days, about 4 hours each time is the maximum one should go.

It's also important for one to build their body immunity against such climate changes, and in the TCM point of view, there's one formula the general public can use.

It's called "四神汤", consisting of the following grains, root vegetables and herbs.

  1. 茯苓, also known as Poria, or Tuckahoe
  2. 山药, also known as Wild Yam or Chinese Yam
  3. 芡实, also known as Fox Nut
  4. 莲子, also known as Lotus Seed

One can add other herbs or food into this main formula to make broth and there're Chinese medical halls selling these 4 ingredients milled together into powder.  Just add hot water and some honey for an almost instant immunity-building gruel.  Best of all, it's very cheap for a family's portion.

I specially recommend this TCM formula as it's non-heaty, strengthens the gut system to absorb nutrients better, helps restful sleep at night, and for being a beauty aid.  It's known that "四神汤" can help to smoothen skin.  On a side note, the powder form is not recommended for anyone during heat-based colds.  The high fibre content isn't easily broken down when the body is trying to recover from an illness and detoxing itself.  Making it into broth (not from the milled powder), on the other hand, is recommended for the convalescing.

Besides what I've shared above, it's good sense to cut down one's intake on junk food, late-nights, caffeine-laden food for better health.  And, being mindful of more unwanted mosquito breeding in such swinging weather.

** The above entry do not serve to replace any scientific medical view on any medical condition.  It's an alternative for the reader, hence up to one to choose their option.