Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fengshui - Your Office Space

A job gives fulfilment, financial security and contentment, it's then very important to deliver in one's work so everyday isn't a big drag. 

It's understandable for Monday Blues, the Friday Anticipation and the celebrated Long Weekend Joy but if one is facing some unknown problems in work, it's then important to have a closer check.

Besides the change in emotion from a recently passed away pet, a love relationship breakup or incresed workload, a sudden negative feeling to going to work should be given it's due notice. 

I shall break down in point-form below.
  • Colleagues giving the cold shoulder
  • Feeling of uneasiness in your room/cubicle
  • Buildup of administrative problems
  • Accidents on-site
  • General sense of loss
  • Poor sales for sales personnel

Before one rushes to engage a Fengshui practitioner for help, a detailed investigation to rule out the human error factor must first take place.  It's only when there's no conclusion of carelessness will then one needs to look into the Fengshui aspects for solution. 

Fengshui, as I've mentioned in my first entry, is a system of "contact stimulus".  It's like taking in vitamins and minerals for our body in another tangible form that we recognise as "food".  Fengshui on the same plane, uses ornaments and facings to help us to take in positive vitamins and minerals we know as Qi for our emotional well-being.

An office cubicle or room has their "age" to consider, meaning, staying too long in one place makes the Qi (energy) stagnant.  When the Qi is stagnant, the human in the place feels stagnant too.  It's a simple cause and effect theory.  To rejuvenate someone from work, a vacation is needed. 

Rejuvenating a space requires a little more science.  The ones I'll be sharing below are not exhaustive, definitive (nor expensive) and would require a Fengshui practitioner you trust to do the job.  It has to be profiled with the individual's birthdate analysis.

  1. A small rose quartz sphere to improve human relationships (it isn't just useful for love relationships)
  2. A small black crystal turtle ornament to deflect wrong negative energy facing your room/cubicle
  3. A small dragon ornament if the room/cubicle is excessive in the Water element (if the space owner is adverse to Fire)
  4. An open-top glass of water (300ml - 500ml) placed near the laptop if one is to constantly doing work from it, this relieves irritability (must be changed daily)
  5. If water is too messy, have a light blue crystal (e.g aquamarine) in replace of it
  6. A small pack of uncooked brown rice placed at the left side of the room/cubicle of salespeople (change every sales cycle and bring it back home to cook for meals)
  7. A small citrine sphere (not fake bright orange ones) at the left side of the room/cubicle of salespeople
  8. A small water plant away from the laptop, placed at a more neglected part of the workstation to promote circulation of Qi (energy) --> do take extra care to prevent the mosquitoes from breeding
  9. A small Tibetan Mani Wheel put at the "negative corner" of the workstation for non-Christians, one can play with it under stress for some relieve (it's important to note to turn it clockwise only)
  10. A small clear quartz sphere for the easily stressed

It's important not to place any religious material in the open office concept or in your cubicle where your colleagues may readily see it.  This is being sensitive of how others of different religions may feel.

And some pointers to prevent Qi (energy) from weakening below.  Again, it's not exhaustive or definitive.

  1. Always unclutter the space beneath your workstation
  2. Do not expose a face-size mirror on the workstation, it has to be kept in the drawer
  3. Do not throw takeaway food containers into your workstation trashbin, bring it out to your office floor's
  4. Do not spray heavy smelling air-freshener
  5. Always switch off the laptop at the end of your working day

My Fengshui setups will not be invasive to the people around them, orthodox Fengshui system should never provoke others nor invasive.  There're many ways to deal with an issue and the unorthodox ones are unethical, not to mention burdening the Karmic weight to the client and myself.