Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fengshui - Your Office Space II

In addition to what I've shared at the previous entry about office space Fengshui, I'll share further the various areas to note that may affect one's productivity.

However, before I start, I must inform again that Fengshui is all about helping one fully optimise their innate abilities, stabilize their emotions and help open opportunities.  How one's road ahead will fare depends entirely on the choices they make.  Fengshui is a formula to help, it's static.  How one makes use of the results Fengshui gives is another matter altogether.

In my opinion of the working field, it's very important to be harmonious with one's working peers, in tandem with the superior and a minimal comfort level in their cubicle or room.  All these contribute positively to the psychological aspect of one for the working life. 

If there's any upset in one of the above, one should seek a solution for it so continous harmony prevail again.  The best one can do if it's not possible, is handle the stress positively for an opportunity to come for a change in department/promotion or, wait out for a suitable external opportunity in another pasture.  All without affecting current emotional health and productivity.

What I'll be sharing below contribute different levels of irritability to different individual, and all these depend on one's Unique Individual Set-up (birthdate dependant) to be affected.  Please note that the below examples are not exhaustive.

  1. Cubicle/room situated right in the middle of the office floor.  That position is where the strongest Qi (energy) of the office gathers, some people can handle it with ease, some can't.
  2. Cubicle/room situated right near or very near to the main door of the office.  That position is where the most human traffic flow is, where it makes one difficult to concentrate in their work.
  3. Cubicle/room facing a sharp angle.  That sharp angle can be in any form e.g sharp edge of the wall, or a building at a window facing position.  This causes no harmony to one if it's to a cubicle, and to the whole office from superior down to staff if it's from a building.
  4. Cubicle/room situated near the restroom/communal trashbin.  One will be easily distracted and falls ill very easily.
  5. Cubicle/room facing an office Fengshui ornament or picture.  Not everybody's Unique Individual Set-up (birthdate dependant) is suitable to face it.  If irritability/poor health/many mistakes abound from this sitting formation, then it's an issue to be solved.
  6. Workstation/work chair not well made that it's unstable to pressure/weight.  This is bad Fengshui causing one to be very irritable, where illnesses may also come in.
  7. Cubicle position where one's back has no wall/partition.  Anxiety from the lack of privacy affecting work morale and productivity.
  8. Cubicle/room facing a mirror.  Negative Qi (energy) will be focused at the individual causing anxiety and irritability.
  9. Sitting position facing the window.  The individual may have difficulty focusing at work, preferring to look out at the clouds.  However, this may be useful for people in the creative line, the window serves as an outlet for inspiration.
  10. Sitting position under a hanging ornament.  This will cause different levels of anxiety to different people.
  11. Office without another internal door to the working area.  Overall productivity may be reduced, staff may be be drawn to take small breaks.  This would not be a problem if your office is the only one in the corridor.
  12. Cubicle/room window facing the highway/railway track.  Anxiety, work mistakes and irritability.  The person may feel "can't wait to leave the office" everyday.
  13. Sitting position very near a machine e.g photocopier/coffee machine/door chime etc.  Irritability, work mistakes and likely poor health.
  14. Office ceiling not more than 3-feet above the average workstaff height.  Lowered productivity, work morale and creativity.
  15. Festive decorations not taken down 2 weeks after the festive season.  Stagnant Qi (energy) and general lowered work productivity.

Some of the issues are easily solved by common sense while others may need to engage a trusted Fengshui practitioner to come up with a solution for you.  In my experience with such Fengshui issues, the solution won't be expensive or difficult to achieve though it's good sense to assess the situation before making a conclusion.

As long as one don't feel comfortable whenever in their working space, it is a problem worth looking into.