Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fengshui - The Evolving Role Of The Practitioner

The world as we all know, is becoming a global village, the latest financial meltdown that implicated many companies and countries proved this point very well.  The whole world is changing faster and faster everyday that many people have no idea how to catch up.  Some of those turn to a personal oracle practitioner for advice and things seem to fail after 3 months down.

What went wrong?

The usual style of a practitioner is solely looking into the birthdate analysis of the client without relating his role in their company and society.  We must know that a birthdate combination is shared by a few million of people worldwide, many people have the exact birthdate of Bill Gates, then why isn't there as many successful ones? 

It's not that the birthdate is misleading, but many practitioners fail to realise that a birthdate is static.  They must combine the client's externalities to come to a better advice.

Many practitioners devoted too much time learning their oracle craft(s) that they fail to understand that every human being is part of this big Earth.  As the world gets smaller and smaller with more economic and business activities linked in a complex network, everyone of us are even more tightly bounded to any positive or negative domino effect.  Now this, is the tricky part.

Not every practitioner has enough working experience in the society to understand the working life of an industry.  When they made a conclusion to their client, it's often from a narrow set of parameters from the client's birthdate matched to the texts/Masters they learnt from.  But we must know that all Chinese oracle styles stemmed from I-Ching (The Book of Changes), and the word Fengshui (Wind Water) where both meant the same thing - Changes.

Practitioners need to adapt to the ever-changing world and systems to understand how an element within the oracle changes along it.  Example, women of "dense" 8-Characters in the past are destined for a hard life of husband abuse.  However, fast forward now, it means they're career women to carve their own niche in their industry and there're men who want such a spouse instead of a pretty bimbo.

If a practitioner fails to move with the times and understand the ancient oracles deep enough to change with it, they're very likely to not be of much help to their clients and eventually, spoils the name of the oracle practitioner.  Like how people react hearing the job roles of "property agent", "insurance agent", "financial planners" and "car salesmen" in a social event.

It is now also pertinent that the practitioners manage the expectations of their client.  If a client needs an advice on their job and the practitioner has no idea of that industry to profile for the client correctly, he must inform the client in advance that he'll only look into the statics of their birthdate to give a generic advice.  This is not contrasting the fact that some birthdate set-ups are "meant" for certain jobs.  We must understand that even Western zodiac signs have a list of jobs suitable for each one, and only further delving into the various Houses, moon signs, raising signs etc etc can one come to a more better conclusion.

But now, a "better" conclusion can only be derived if fitted into the current macro externality - The ever-changing economy and constant re-definitions of any industry.

It's also important that the client understands that an oracle practitioner isn't God, they cannot stop a Tsunami or an earthquake from happening.  What the practitioner should be doing is help uncover their hidden strengths, overcome their weaknesses, deal with adversities in life in a right attitude, dispel any myths and superstitions to guide them to a balanced life.