Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fengshui - A Case Of Poor Design

This entry is blogged with the permission of the first party.

In a fairly recent Fengshui session with my client, I was quite appalled at the design of the condo units despite located in a prime sea-facing area East of Singapore.

The externalities of the condo environment was almost perfect:

- No direct fly-over/expressway/highway in sight
- Pleasant quiet neighbourhood
- No undesirable establishments (hospitals, police stations, trash collection centre, wet markets, power stations etc) around
- No undesirable road forks, junctions or wide main roads
- No sight of huge drains or waste waterways (a common sight in Singapore)
- Good main door and balcony facings
- Lush, primed, well-taken cared greenery in the neighbourhood

However, as I step into the unit, I found many design problems within.

  1. Living room and 3 other sleeping rooms in irregular shape (meaning they're not a square or rectangular shape)
  2. Master bedroom's toilet in irregular shape
  3. Master bedroom's toilet facing directly at bed space
  4. Master bedroom's toilet door facing North
  5. Trash opening leading to the condo block's collection point in the kitchen was built too high and blatantly exposed
  6. Built-up shoe wardrobe at the front door was almost ceiling high
  7. Dining room space within first eye contact from the main door
  8. Facing almost the corner of the wall within first eye contact from the main door
  9. Small flight of stairs leading down to living room
  10. Whole floorplan of the unit shaped almost like a triangle

For this sort of design, the dwellers are likely to experience the following problems:

  • Frequent arguments within the family
  • Health ailments in the nervous system e.g giddiness, headaches, poor sleeping patterns etc
  • Frequent health ailments to young children and the elderly
  • Difficulty to focus at work/school
  • Extra effort when doing almost anything

If these are not resolved ASAP, it'll affect the general well-being of the family affecting the progress of the family.  Most of the problems highlighted above are design problems from the property developer and much cannot be done, the best solution is sell off the unit for a more regular shaped apartment for the family.

Even if the unit was bought for investment purposes, it's not likely to be easy to get rented out, and the landlord is likely to be affected in certain degree even they don't live in the unit.  As all the blocks and units  are designed uniformly, I'd assume there're frequent complaints from the residents to the condo management.

An irregular shaped area gathers very strong force of Qi (energy) suitable for physical or meditative activities for a large crowd, not for residential or office uses.  Good Qi (energy) has to be calming, stable and regular for a space. 

What can be done for this unit (according to the birthdates of the owner and/or spouse):

  • Stabalise the Qi (energy) of the house with suitable ornaments
  • Conceal all negative points (trash opening etc)
  • Avoid a big entertainment system in the family (strong electric flow and magnets in them)
  • Fill the front door shoe wardrobe only till below the lower midriff level
  • Avoid white washes at the walls
  • Keeping the master bedroom's toilet door closed at all times with added ventilation system
  • Square up irregular shaped rooms with partition or cupboard if this won't eat up too much space

The advised measures are temporary and my best advice is sell it off for another one.  And if possible, tear down the blocks for redevelopment.