Friday, April 3, 2009

Fengshui - Balancing The Scales

In the course of my life, I've seen people who are obsessed with the oracle systems, and some who avoid like plague.  While one group fervently believe because they fear of Life's Lessons (or due to greed), the other see it as poison to the mind. 

I believe for anything in life, there has to be a certain level of balance and for the oracles, they should always be our slaves to help us (like money) and never allow them to rule our lives.

To have a balance, we must first acknowledge that we're living on Earth, an environment able to throw up uncertainties at us. 

Have a short trace back at your experience in life so far, one will find that there're certain people we just don't like.  Or a certain place we will not visit.  Or something that naturally attract us.  Or someone we just find comfortable being with, or to speak to. 

This is how different "magnetic fields" work on every individual on Earth, as Earth is a big maget house.

And because of this, different region exude different characteristics that attract different people.  Some love India.  Some to China.  Some to Singapore.  And for some, maybe Alaska.

To work in harmony with our inner body dynamics, harnessing the help of the oracles in a balanced mentality will benefit an individual greatly.  Now we're not talking about transforming one to a business titan, or a rich powerful politician, we're talking about tuning a set of parameters unique to each of us living on this Earth so it's totally optimized.  Having said that, "tuning" ourselves using the oracles do not mean running away from Life's Lessons each of us have to learn.

It simply means we "tune" ourselves to learn the lessons well breaking a vicious cycle in Life.  Isn't it exasperating to keep getting the same problems day in, day out?  No one likes that, and everybody seeks peace and happiness.  And most important of all, every human being seeks to understand themselves so they can be themselves.  Too many people are tired of putting on different masks for their roles in life, that at the end of the day, alot of them sticks to a Major Mask they feel will give them them least problems.

But how many, weep silently at night not knowing who they are already?