Monday, March 30, 2009

Life - There Is No Wrong In Loving Money

There have been calls to relegate money, to live "a life of freedom", to denounce "material vanity" and all around, a certain revolt to the personal self and to some extent, the society. 

However, there is no wrong in pursuing what you're totally comfortable in!

There's no wrong loving money, if one don't commit crime for it.
There's no wrong wanting fame, if one don't sacrifice self or another for it.
There's no wrong chasing after a lifestyle, if one don't forgo who they truly are for it.

There is no need to be a monk to contribute to the society well-being or be truly happy, being a rich boss/CEO of an MNC is contributing to the society as well.  In way of giving jobs to people and this is what stabilises a society - occupy the people with a paying job so they in turn, can support their family and personal interests.  And, one can be happy being rich.

The various Truths of Life come in many ways, one just need to open their heart and mind for it to experience it.  There's absolutely no need to shave your head, quit your job living on bread and water to find happiness this way.  If one is happy doing it, then it's fine.  If not, it's punishing oneself unnecessarily.

What each of us need to recognise is, uncover our calling, exercise our gift we're born with.  Some people know what their calling is from young and they worked all the way for it, some took time to discover while for some, they stumbled into it.  To be truly happy, working where our calling is is the only key.

Life is about balance.  It's about fulfilling our basic needs, giving attention to self and the people around us, maintain a lifestyle one is comfortable in, be reasonably healthy and etc.  Denouncing anything will not make one happier, it makes one only more angry and guilty.  In some cases, it turns one egoistic against the others.

What we need to do is really know ourselves of who we are, uncover our innate talent, work it with a passion, enjoy the process of doing it then share our story and experience with others.  Having achieved all these, they will in turn be an inspiration to others and, live in happiness with total fulfillment.

Live life, live the life that is you.